PVC Fiber Bansuri / Flute – Middle Octave – Side Blow – Scale G Natural

Radhe Flute


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Radhe Flutes are made considering all aspects to give you a rich experience. Whether it’s about tuning accuracy, comfortable fingering, easy blowing, rich tonal quality or the rates, we have considered them all.

TUNING: All the flutes have been tuned very accurately according to their respected scales and temperaments. We have tuned all the side-blown (Hindustani or North Indian Classical Music) flutes in ‘JUST TEMPERAMENT’ which is much more accurately tuned compared to ‘EQUAL TEMPERAMENT’. Hindustani Classical Music is based on JUST TEMPERAMENT. All the Direct Blown Flute are tuned in EQUAL TEMPERAMENT (Followed by Western Music) which lets one play more than one key (First/root note).

COMFORTABLE FINGERING: People who wish to learn flutes which are long in length, very often face problems placing and keeping their fingers on the holes. We have solved this issue by re-positioning the holes to reduce the stretch/ and stress on the fingers without letting the accuracy of the tuning get affected.

LIP-PLATE: Lip-Plate is a recently developed blow hole design that makes blowing the flute effortless. Lip-plate lets one sustain notes much longer in a single breath and produce a rich tone compared to the conventional flutes which come without lip-plate. The other advantage it gives is that your lips automatically shape themselves in the position which is required to produce the sound. This makes learning much easier for people who have just started their musical journey with just a bit of practice.

MOUTH PIECE: Mouth pieces don’t require any kind of blowing technique. This lets one directly focus on the fingers and other techniques. Additionally, with right practice and right knowledge, one can play all 12 Keys from a single Straight-Blown Flute which is only possible on an equal tempered flute……..

*All the Products are tested by our team of experts and machines, right from the material, Blowing force/pressure, if all the over-tones and pitches are accurate, if there is any air noise/extra noise to be eliminated, to the aesthetics.*

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